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Clarus Viewer Trainer™

Clarus Viewer Corporation is excited to announce the completion of its first Epic MegaGrant project which resulted in a new virtual reality (VR) educational application called Clarus Viewer Trainer™. Building on the FDA 510(k)-cleared Clarus Viewer® software solution, Clarus Viewer Trainer was created as a training aid for healthcare students and instructors focused on bridging the gap between traditional book learning and patient care.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

Clarus Viewer Trainer allows users to present, view, manipulate and analyze 3D models of real medical imagery alongside idealized 3D models of human anatomy. Through collaborations with educational institutions such as the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), Clarus Viewer Corporation is revolutionizing healthcare education using Digital Engineering technologies.

Educational Body Systems Toolkit

In an effort to provide a glimpse into the features within Clarus Viewer Trainer and give back to the 3D community, Clarus Viewer Corporation has developed an Educational Body Systems Toolkit project that is available for download and purchase now at the Unreal Engine Marketplace! The Educational Body Systems Toolkit project allows other 3D developers to create their own applications using Clarus Viewer Corporation’s developed content.

The Educational Body Systems Toolkit
Includes The Six Plugins Below

Clarus Viewer Body Systems Toolkit
Clarus Viewer Asset Support
Clarus Viewer Engine Helpers
Clarus Viewer Base
Clarus Viewer Extended
Clarus Viewer Tools

UAH student using Clarus Viewer Trainer

Getting Started

The User’s Manual and Project Setup Instructions for use after downloading the Educational Body Systems Toolkit project can be found below.

Clarus Viewer Corporation can’t wait for you to try out our latest creations!

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Please feel free to reach out to the Clarus Viewer Lead Market Developer and Medical Liaison, Cayla Garrett, BSN, RN.

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Clarus Viewer® v1.0 is a 510(k) cleared medical device.